"We were so grateful to have Dr. Sharma take care of us for the entire time we were in the hospital. When you are admitted & know none of the people treating you, its a bit scary but Dr. Sharma was very kind, caring & attentive. He made us feel comfortable & cared for - he was on the case & we felt like someone was looking out for us & taking charge of things."

- Patient (Jan, 2023)

"Dr. Sharma oversaw my husband with Alzheimer’s after he left the ER. When I came into visit, I asked for the doctor to stop at the room to fill me in on possible diagnosis and plan. He answered all my questions and was very clear."

-  Patient (Jan, 2023)

"I would like to commend our wonderful hospitalist Dr. Sharma for the exceptional care he gave my Dad.  Every day he went above and beyond. Dr. Sharma's kindness, professionalism and empathy will never be forgotten. It meant so much to us that he genuinely cared about my Dad, even calling to see how he was doing after he left the hospital and then to call when he passed. He really made our entire experience special. "

- Patient (Dec, 2021)

Her hospitalist was the perfect example of what a hospitalist should be.  He was responsive and understanding to our needs for communication, gentle and caring with my wife and responsive to all our concerns. Ironically, I feel that I got better information from the floor staff and the hospitalist by phone that I ever have gotten “in person” during normal times.  At any rate… Dr. Rajesh Sharma gets my vote for “Hospitalist of the Year!” 

- Patient (Dec, 2020)

"Dr. Sharma attended to me while admitted for an overnight hospital stay. I couldn't have asked for a more thorough, attentive doctor. Great bedside manner. Easy to relate to and took time answering all questions and concerns."

-  Patient (Jan, 2019)

"Showing compassion, excellent communication. Also for taking the time to explain everything and confirming that I understood. I appreciate you for your wonderful bedside manner and how you took great care of me. Most of all, thank you for treating ME and not making me feel like I'm just another number. God Bless You." 

– Patient (Nov, 2018)

"Dr. Sharma is knowledgeable, thorough, calm and kind person; he always puts the patients first, and is thoughtful for team members.  Dr. Sharma provides positive feedback to team members when the job is done well.  The patients verbalize how great his bedside manner is and how he makes them feel cared for.  Dr. Sharma treats both patients and colleagues with respect."

- Hospital Staff (Jun, 2023)

"Dr. Sharma has had to deal with a multitude of complex and challenging patients recently and has done it with grace and professionalism.  He works well with our care team to ensure we are meeting the medical needs of our patients and collaborating with the entire team to meet those needs.  Thank you Dr. Sharma for what you do each and every day."

- Hospital Staff (Sept, 2020)